Types of Candles Jars. How to choose?

Important purchase criteria - compare candle jars

Candle jars are the ideal combination of decoration, windbreak and furniture protection. The glass is usually higher than the candle, protecting the flame from wind. It also prevents candle wax from dripping on the furniture and looks beautiful at the same time.

Further, the candle jars are suitable as:

  • Decoration
  • Gift idea
  • Dessert jar
  • Preserving jar

In the next chapters we will look at the candle jars from all sides and tell you what you should look for when buying.

What are candle jars made of?

As the name suggests, candle jars are made of glass. You can choose the right jar here: https://thewaxcandles.com/5-best-candle-jars-of-2021/. The manufacturers usually rely on clear glass. So they make sure that you can give free rein to your creativity. Cloudy frosted glass or frosted glass offer you even more decoration options. Because you can also embellish them artistically and make a pretty table decoration out of it. Glass mosaic is a special highlight and very colorful. With it, the lantern creates a great atmosphere. Vintage candle jars have a darker brown or gray coloration.

In some cases, tall tealight holders are also called candle jars. These are mostly made of metal and fall into the category of tealight dishes or candle bowls.

What is the shape of candle jars?

Glass candle holders come in a wide variety of shapes. This makes them a popular decorative item. The most popular shape is the funnel shape. The diameter of the bottom is slightly smaller than the top. Thus, the tealight fits perfectly inside and you can still easily reach in. Besides the round shape, there are also square candle jars.

Further, there are pot-bellied variants. These rise up in a straight line or are designed like a sphere with a flattened bottom. Candle jars with stems are particularly chic and a real eye-catcher. They resemble a wine glass.

The upper part of these stemmed candle jars is relatively flat. Therefore, they protect less from the wind than other shapes.

The glass lantern also comes in a vase shape. They are extremely suitable for decorating, because you can fill them with decorative sand or other materials and place the candle in the center.

Make sure that the decorative materials do not catch fire. Always have a glass of water ready to extinguish for safety and don’t take your eyes off the flame.

Candle jars with lids: versatile, even in the kitchen

Some candle jars have been deliberately designed by manufacturers for other uses as well. These include, for example, candle jars with a lid. You close them with this lid. This makes them ideal for desserts or for longer storage of preserved vegetables, fruit or spreads. The lids are either loose or firmly attached to the jar.

Craft candle jars — a special highlight

The beauty of transparent candle jars is that you can embellish them independently. Colors, for example, are suitable for this. You can also create patterns to your taste with dyed thin cellulose, which you attach to the jar with a little craft glue.

You want to give a special candle jar as a gift? How about embellishing the lantern with a photo and tailoring it perfectly to your loved ones?

You should also pay attention to safety when crafting. Make sure that the flame is far enough away from the picture or other flammable materials. Do not let the burning candle out of your sight.

Candle jars with metal hanger: perfect for hanging

Some manufacturers rely on a metal bracket. You attach this to the upper edge of the candle jar and can hang it up with it. This gives you even more decorating options. A hanging candlelight creates a particularly beautiful atmosphere.

Large candle jars for Advent wreaths and the cemetery

In addition to small tea light jars, there are the large candle jars that resemble a vase. This variant is suitable for taller candles, such as you see on an Advent wreath. They also lend themselves to the cemetery. The large lantern protects the flame from the wind, so the candle will continue to burn for a long time.

Why do candle jars burst?

Some buyers of candle jars say that they burst due to the heat of the candle. Normally, this is not the case, because glass is very heat-resistant. However, even the most resistant material eventually reaches its limits. In the case of glass, this occurs when it first became very hot, for example, because the candle burns for a long time, and then cools rapidly. But small impurities in the glass can ensure that the heat of the candle alone is enough. Never leave them unattended even in a glass or bowl.